Bng Solutions is a company formed by highly qualified and certified staff with an experience in several fields, which offers services in the delicate area of Security.

Bng Solutions satisfies the needs of each type of customer: private, company, governmental or institutional  organization, optimizing times and costs to achieve the required target.
The headquarters of the Bng Solutions is in Delaware, which enshrines its internationality, allows to be operating in all corners of the planet, not only with men but also with legal and insurance support.

Bng Solutions specializes in providing services tailor-made for personal security that guarantee not only our customer's security but also its safety to live at the best the life and business

Bng Solutions is the ideal partner for Security, because provides an ultimate solution for each issue, thanks to the adopted system:

  • analysis the criticality or the problems of the client: data gathering, constant detailed reports and penetration test;
  • presentation of a security plan, able to solve the problems and  prevent them in the future with the drafting of a protocol or a memorandum;
  • implementation of the security plan: adapting facilities and technologies, training existing staff or supply of highly trained staff.